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RunTime-I (RT1)

The MSI RT1 RunTime Series provide the simple way to monitoring any active device using today's latest technology. This small and versatile meter is suitable for use in any application where it is necessary to meter a utility device that need to capture the amount of time the unit is in an active state. Applications including metering electric-gas heater, base board heater, fancoil heating and cooling system in residential, commercial, and recreational facilities.

The MSI RT1xVVV Series comes in two voltage sources and three different models each, where as the x is representing the model with 1, 2, or 3 inputs, and VVV is either 28VAC or 120VAC power source. For a single input RT1, the input is used to detect the active state of a control valve for open or close, or any control switch in an ON or OFF State . Typically RT11028 Run Time Meter is used with the gas heater to determine the gas valve turn ON or OFF, and when the gas heater turns ON it captures the amount of time the unit is in an active state. By default, the single input RT1 is pre-programmed with an interval period of 8.533 seconds timing. This means every 8.533 seconds period the RT1 will produce a 1 second width of pulse output. The RT1 can also be pre-programmed to any timing period to meet the device's thermal timing transfer specification. For the RT1 unit with multiple inputs, these inputs typically connect to a device with mulitple speeds. Such as fans-coil heating and cooling system, or a device that has multi-speed control.

MSI offers RunTime Meters in available models:  RT11028, RT11120, RT12120, RT13120

MSI RunTime-I meter datasheet - Download (PDF)


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